​Manifesto of the Hogwash Party:

We the citizens of the United States of America are in opposition to the present leadership of our Republic.

We form this party to change the course of our Republic from its descent into Plutocracy.

Our Party is an expression of our profound distrust of the elected officials currently holding the reins of power.

We are not Republicans, Democrats, Independents, libertarians or any other political party. We are an organized national political party dedicated to the protection and defense of the United States Constitution. We are citizens united in a Party to implement a change in the way we hold our elected officials accountable for their work in our government.

The sad truth in America today is our elected officials have created a dishonorable ruling elite who perceive government service, not as a privilege to serve their fellow citizens, but as a career opportunity to enrich themselves. Elected officials are paid better, have benefits and special privileges that make them a ruling class out of touch with the American people. Once they are elected, they are like drug addicts, selling their most prized possessions to retain their office. The abomination of their selfishness is measured by the special interest laws that favor campaign donors and themselves over the interests of the American people.

We reject the current self serving election process that rewards liars with government benefits. Fake news and money are the mother’s milk of their politics. It feeds and maintains the system that selects our elected leaders today. The journalistic integrity of Walter Cronkite is a thing of the distant past. The internet gives credence to lies and authority to liars. A man of integrity attempting to run for public office is at a distinct disadvantage.

The goal of this Party is to energize our fellow citizens to hold our elected officials to the same standards we expect from military officers. We demand that our elected officials, not lie, not steal, not cheat or tolerate those actions in their colleagues. It is an historic honor and privilege to represent the American people in the governance of America. The most telling defect of today’s elected official is the lack of integrity exhibited by them. We are an honorable people we deserve to be served by honorable men and women.

This Party is dedicated to improving the quality of our elected officials. We will spend our money and cast our votes to send a message to those officials who lack honor. We call ourselves the Hogwash Party, because of all the Hogwash we are getting from the Plutocrats. The word “hogwash” by definition means: empty and pretentious talk; nonsense; baloney, worthless, false, or ridiculous speech or writing, it is synonymous with the word “bullshit.” It is a term that accurately describes what our elected officials tell us in order to get elected.

Our motto is, “you can’t have a party without Hogwash.” Our symbol is the Boar. We support term limits and good ideas. Our party welcomes all Americans who believe that the noblest motive is to serve and being an elected official is an honor not a career.

Our Party is the physical manifestation of our commitment to return to the Spirit of America.

The noblest motive is to serve.

Rich Riel
Head Philosopher
Hogwash Party