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Rotisserie Affair Catering

Southern California’s BEST rotisserie caterer with over 32 years of event experience. Our rotisserie oven can cook up to 75 large chickens and up to 300 pounds of beef or lamb, or twelve 25-pound turkeys within two hours. A single machine can serve up to 850 people at your event.

VISIT THEM: https://www.rotisserieaffair.com/

No Boundaries Farms

Our farm was established to provide quality product to nourish one’s health, strength and spirit with passion and convenience. Our mission is to provide an alternative, natural way of healing without using industrialized pharmaceutical.

VISIT THEM: https://www.noboundariesfarm.com/

The Inn Spot

The Inn Spot Community Acupuncture & Stress Relief Lounge offers low-cost acupuncture, integrative health services and healing arts to our community. We provide high quality treatments administered by licensed acupuncturists in a healing and supportive setting. We also offer very affordable rates so that finances are not a barrier to receiving health services.

VISIT THEM: https://innspotacu.com/